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Comprehensive business valuations provide an independent verification of a quantified value for your business. Such valuations are based on rather sophisticated financial models employing state of the art net present value and other computations along with detailed assumptions that assure an accurate final value that will withstand the highest scrutiny. Whether selling or buying a business, you can count on the integrity of our business valuation models.

What is my business worth? For a business owner, it's the most important financial question you can ask. For private company shareholders, it is also one of the most difficult to answer. Until now. CFMC replaces your assumptions with hard numbers. Can you afford mere speculation amid market uncertainties when maximizing the value of your most important asset?

Benchmarking Adds Value. Establishing bona fide benchmarks of value every two years documents a pattern of value over time. Consider the value of benchmarking the value of your company well before you plan to sell. Establish a documented pattern that maximizes your final sale price.

If you are selling, distributing assets in an estate, planning to retire, establishing an ESOP or other profit sharing plan, or need a business valuation for another reason, CFMC can help you. For a confidential inquiry about our business valuation services, contact us today to get started.

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