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The merger & acquisition (M&A) process has been described as something akin to herding cats - no matter how hard you try, sometimes one gets away.  Due Diligence, Valuations and Negotiations are the keys to successful mergers and acquisitions. Each of these disciplines requires perspective, perspicacity, and perseverance.  Timing and good fortune are also crucial considerations in the M&A process.

Due Diligence. The due diligence phase allows us to probe deeply into the financial history and current financial data of the target company.  If unanswered questions persist, such as inventory valuations - a forensic audit may be in order. We also look at organizational structure and other relevant issues.  Once the due diligence phase is completed, we assemble and conduct the negotiating team to effectuate the price, terms, and all of the other many details of the transaction. 

Valuations.  Company valuations are not only an important basis for justifying and verifying purchase prices, these expert opinions are also crucial when it comes to making a cash payment offer to minority shareholders - as part of a buy-out, for example. You can benefit from our expertise and broad experience across many  business sectors.  For more about valuations, see our business valuations tab.

Negotiations. Once negotiations have been begun, it is vital to know where the other party stands and how much room you have for maneuvering.  We can provide comprehensive support by preparing the ground for the planned negotiations. These preparations range from contacting potential candidates, mostly through existing business relationships, to a detailed analysis of the company in question,  up to and including, assessing the general parameters and framework conditions. 

Our team can also support you during the actual negotiations. We draw up an individual negotiation strategy with you and coordinate the negotiations. This enables you to resolve even difficult questions under extreme time constraints. No matter how the negotiations progress, your  business interests will be our priority throughout the process. 

Whether you are contemplating a merger/acquisition or in the midst of a challenging transaction you owe it to yourself to seek wise counsel.  For a confidential discussion of your M&A project, contact us today to get started! 

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