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MS PowerPoint ® ¹ (PPT) presentations are effective business tools utilized by a wide variety of businesses for an array of purposes including major sales presentations, annual meetings, annual report presentations, and courtroom litigation. Deploying the strategies and techniques set forth in Beyond Bullet Points (BBP): Using Microsoft PowerPoint® Presentations that Inform, Motivate, and Inspire ², by Cliff Atkinson , we take your standard PPT presentations to the next level. As a baseline in preparing your presentation, we use the three-pronged BBP approach as follows:
A. Choose a Story Thread and a Pattern to Follow
B. Pull Through What’s Most Important First

C. Guide the Visual and Verbal Strands with Your Storyboard

Once the base line is established, the presentation is fully fleshed out with appropriate content and validated by rigorous research.

Another highly effective PPT presentation model, presented in the following video Talk Nerdy to Me, by Melissa Marshall, tracks the BBP philosophy above by using a scientific formula to get beyond bullet points:

By substituting another discipline, like accounting, finance, law, or theology, for the word "science," it becomes readily apparent that the formula works across a wide swath of professions. When we drop the jargon along with the boring bullet points, make the subject relevant to our audience, and present it with passion, understanding is achieved. Our PP presentations aim for this sort of understanding.

When you find yourself in need of a quality PP presentation, contact us today to see how we can develop an effective presentation that meets your needs.

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2. © 2005 by Cliff Atkinson. Microsoft Press, a division of Microsoft Corporation. Redmond, WA.

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