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The natural progression from Intelligence Quotient (IQ), to Emotional Intelligence (EQ), to Business Intelligence (BQ) has been a steady one over the years as documented in the leadership literature which draws heavily from organizational psychology and management science. Our Business Intelligence (BQ) Suite addresses three broad business functions: Human Resources, Strategic Planning and Profit & Expense Control. Each of these sections below is linked to more detailed information on the subject. Whatever your most pressing challenge happens to be at the moment, one or more of our BQ packages is sure to help you meet that challenge.

Human Resources. Our Human Resources BQ Package includes an Employee Manual; Position Guides, and Organizational Chart. Click here to learn more about our Human Resources BQ Package.

Strategic Planning. Our Strategic Planning BQ Package allows you to choose one of two levels of plans: Basic Business Plan or a Feasibility Study. From a basic business plan to a full blown feasibility study, one of our strategic planning management solutions is sure to work for your business. Click here to learn more about this BQ Package.

Profit & Expense Control. Our Profit & Expense Control BQ Package allows you to get a grip on cost containment when we perform a Comparative Analysis, Income Optimization, and a Break Even Analysis. Taken together, these powerful management tools allow you to spot trends year over year, isolate optimal performance in revenue and expenses, and identify your breakeven point on an annual, monthly, weekly, and daily basis. Click here to learn more about this BQ Package.