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When USDA loans are mentioned, many people automatically think of farm loans, but most people don't know that USDA provides business loans through their rural development program. The USDA provides the following three primary commercial loans to rural businesses: the USDA B&I Loan Program; the USDA CF Loan Program; and, the USDA REAP Loan Program. Each of these loan programs fill a niche in rural development finance.

USDA B&I Loan Program. The business & industry (B&I) loan program provides rural businesses with capital that otherwise might not be available by issuing a loan note guarantee to a bank funded loan. Click here to learn more about the B&I program.

USDA CF Loan Program
. The community facility (CF) loan program mirrors much of the B&I program, but is specifically designed for rural community facilities like community hospitals, fire stations, animal shelters and such. Click here to learn more about the CF program.

USDA REAP Loan Program. The Renewable Energy for America Program (REAP), again,mirrors the B&I program, but focuses on renewable energy projects such as biodiesel and ethanol plants. Click here to learn more about the REAP program.