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Our Human Resources (HR) Management Solutions Package (MSP) includes an Employee Manual; Position Guides, Organizational Chart, Succession Planning concepts, Meeting Protocols, Employee Performance Evaluation, and Standard Operating Procedures for one low fixed price of $4,500. Large consulting firms charge upwards of $25,000 for such a package and spend at least a hundred hours of your valuable time. Our MSP it totally automated: just complete and submit the online forms at the bottom of this section and place your order. Your MSP will be shipped to you within 20 business days.

Employee Manual
. The employee manual sets forth the policies and procedures by which the company operates including Substance Abuse Policy and Sexual Harassment Policy. Performance Evaluation procedures are also set forth in this document. It also describes, holidays, sick leave, insurance and other employee benefits. Our HR management solutions package includes five (5) spiral-bound copies and one master copy of the employee manual. Production of the employee manual is valued at $1,500 when purchased as part of our Management Solution package.

Position Guides. A Position Guide describes a particular job, the duties to fulfill the job, and the required background and education to be considered for the job. Our Management Solutions package includes up to 15 Position Guides and is valued at $1,000.

Organizational Chart. An Organizational Chart provides a visual representation of the key positions in a company. Our organizational chart for up to fifteen (15) employees is valued at $500, but is included at no charge when purchased as part of our Management Solution package.

Succession Planning. Succession planning is a critical issue as owners mature and begin to think about retirement. Our succession planning protocol provides a framework to stimulate thought and begin the process of implementing this key element of your business.

Meeting Protocol. Have you established a formal meeting protocol? Do you have regular staff meetings? Are they scheduled and conducted regularly? Or are they haphazard and infrequent? Do your meetings drag on without seeming to accomplish their purpose? Is there a written agenda? These are some of the key questions answered by our meeting protocol product.

Employee Performance Evaluation (EPE). Do you evaluate your employees in a systematic process? Are these evaluations scheduled and conducted on time? Do you have a specific list of evaluation metrics for each employee? If these questions raise concerns in your mind, contact us to see how our EPE system can help you better organize your employee performance evaluation process.

Standard Operating Procedures (SOP). If any of these human resources products seem vague or incomprehensible to you, perhaps you need our overarching SOP to pull it all together for you. Contact us to see how our SOP can help you get your arms around the human resource function.