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Our proprietary BQ Suite Business Intelligence modular protocol allows your management to get a grip on cost containment when we perform a Comparative Analysis, Income Optimization, and a Break Even Analysis. Taken together, these powerful management tools allow you to spot trends year over year, isolate optimal performance in revenue and expenses, identify your breakeven point on an annual, monthly, weekly, and daily basis and calculates the cirtical C-Score - an acclaimed predictive model of the probability of business failure. This suite of products is valued at $50,000 if done at your location by a large consulting firm, but is offered here for a packaged price of $30,000 - $40,000, depending on which modules you elect to purchase.

Comparative Analysis. Our comparative analysis compares three years of historical financial statements and the most current year end financial statement side by side. This analysis highlights trends and better enables management to make informed business decisions.

Income Optimization. Our Income Optimization model builds on the comparative analysis by automatically isolating the highest revenue line item and the lowest cost line items. It then organizes them into an optimized income statement that clearly illustrates what the business performance would look like under optimal management.

Breakeven Analysis. Breakeven Analysis is a tool used to show when the sales level is reached that covers all fixed costs. This sales level is known as the Breakeven Point (BEP), which is shown in annual, monthly, weekly, and daily figures.

C-Score. The C-Score - a next generation derivative model based on the foundational Z-Score predicts the probability of business failure. It uses time tested state of the art statistical algorithms that compare historical data to accurately predict future success or failure. Every business owner, large or small deserves to have their business evaluated with this tool which gives a green indicator for healthy businesses; a yellow indicator for marginal businesses; and, a red indicator for emergency triage situations.