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The Cornerstone Group INTERNATIONAL (CGI) is a group of diversified companies with a global footprint serving the corporate finance, publishing, communications, landscaping, construction, commercial development, capital formation, landscaping & tree service, precious metals, specialty food service, sports management, and ranching industries, as well as ministry and philanthropic interests. The group is actively seeking acquisitions and rolling out other entities which will be posted here in the future. Our mission is to deliver value-added services and peerless products to our broad customer base at a fair price. For more detailed information on the individual companies, please click on the appropriate link listed below:

Portfolio Companies. Our portfolio group is a diverse group of small businesses which began in 1990 with the flagship entity, Cornerstone Financial Management Consultants (CFMC). Overtime, several other entities were added including:

Cornerstone Commercial Development. Cornerstone Commercial Development is a real estate holding company that acquires, develops and operates income producing commercial real estate properties for our investors. We seek to maximize returns for a select group of investors who choose to partner with us to build wealth by leveraging our understanding of commercial development (website under construction).

Cornerstone Capital Holdings. Cornerstone Capital Holdings is a capital formation company primarily tasked with accumulating capital to fund our portfolio companies to support our global ministry vision, the long term goal of which is to acquire a bank or a non bank lender. In the interim, our strategy is to build broad bridges of enduring understanding within the tightly knit broker/dealer securitization community to realize our goals for our good and God's glory (website under construction).

Cornerstone Landscaping & Tree Service
. Cornerstone Horticultural Care dba Cornerstone Landscaping & Tree Service is a full service landscaping company specializing in flowerbed design and construction, sprinkler systems, drainage systems, and tree trimming & removal for the residential and commercial customer. Read more here.

Cornerstone Construction Company. Cornerstone Construction is a full service general contracting company specializing in commercial construction and residential remodeling. Our commercial construction division is experienced in all phases of construction, with a particular emphasis on building "bank kiosks" in grocery stores. Our residential construction division includes flood remediation, remodeling, roofing, siding and other general construction projects. Read more here.

Cornerstone Communications Company (CComCo), dba The Cornerstone Collection. The Cornerstone Collection is a registered trademark of Cornerstone Communications Company, a publishing and distribution company producing and distributing product for the marketplace of ideas. Read more here.

Cornerstone Classic Cuisine (CClassCu). CClassicCu is a food service distribution company with a growing list of products. Our primary products are Kenny G's Power Clusters, Aunt B's Gourmet MREs, Texas Gourmet Trail Mix and Hog Heaven Pork Products.Read more here.

Cornerstone Sports Management Company (CSportsMGTCo). CSportsManCo is a racquetball instruction and equipment distribution company that was built on four decades of experience and the incomparable Ektelon brand. Read more here.

Cornerstone Coin Exchange (CCoinX). An urban mining company seeking to harvest 90% and 40% silver coins from the money supply and reselling them for their silver content. (website under construction)

Cornerstone Capital Asset Company (CAPASSCO) . A financial advisory company working with CFMC to raise capital for clients in Reg D offerings to limited and accredited potential investors, as well as a variety of other private placement instruments. Read more here.

Cornerstone Living Oils is an organic oil distributor. If you have common aches and pains, like most of us or suffer from seasonal allergies or other common aliments, "there is an oil for that." If you are like most of our family and friends, you owe it to yourself to evaluate the "oils of the Old Testament," to see how they can work for you. Read more here.

Literary Lights & Brands. Speaking & Editing Engagements, Academic Publications, Book Deals and Brands: KPaul Madison, Billy Hill, and KPaul Crush. Each of these literary efforts and brands have been developed over several decades as placeholders for the literary work of Ken Gerhart - who was fist published in 1983, much of which is now domiciled in a global think tank, the emerging Cornerstone Leadership Institute.

Cornerstone Cattle Company dba The Broken Tree Ranch with the Feed Depot. A working cow/calf cattle ranch producing coastal Bermuda hay and distributing feed to local ranchers. (website under construction).

Strategic Alliances. The Cornerstone Group has established critical strategic alliances to increase the depth and breadth of the group's effectiveness. The following companies are key strategic alliances.

Chaos Capital GP, LLC. Chaos Capital is uniquely positioned as a key strategic alliance partner of Cornerstone. They are our go-to group for financial advisory service support in the Oil & Gas (O&G) space where capital formation is sought.Through bespoke advisory services, joint ventures, teaming agreements and financial capital, Chaos Capital provides entrepreneurial and growth solutions for clients across industries. Read more about this key alliance here.

Cross Country Capital
Cross Country Capital is uniquely positioned as a key strategic alliance partner of Cornerstone Financial. They are our go-to group for marketing support and procuring in depth feasibility study support when the situation warrants. Read more about this critical alliance here.

Peloton Services. Peloton Services is another key strategic alliance partner of Cornerstone Financial. They provide crucial human resource support on demand. Read more about this rather unique alliance here.

Michael H. Caper, Esq.
The law office of Michael H. Carper has represented The Cornerstone Group since 1990. Read more about this enduring business relationship here.

The Klein Bearkat Wall of Honor. The Wall of Honor project recognizes former Bearkats who played football at the next level, whether college and/or professional, as well as a special tribute to the heritage of the 1st football team - three members of which played at the college level. Read more about this legacy project and see the individual bios here.