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Financial Advisory Services. Our affiliate firm, Cornerstone Capital Asset Company (CAPASSCO), offers financial advisory services for clients who want us to solicit limited and accredited investors through Regulation D (Reg D) and other offerings to fund their private placements. With a diverse set of strategic alliances, net work affiliates, and business relationships built over nearly four decades of service, CAPASSCO has the hydraulic leverage to fund projects large and small. As such,middle market growth companies as well a large technology plays are within our wheelhouse.

The Process. A number of factors strongly influence success in the private and institutional capital raising process:

  • Compelling investment thesis;
  • Thorough preparation in advance;
  • Clear, consistent communication of investment thesis;
  • Comprehensive marketing program;
  • Managed process and sense of competition; and,
  • Proactive responses to investor due diligence, questions and inquires.

Each of these above factors is critical to an effective capital raising experience and particular attention to each item is mission critical. CAPASSCO will lock a zero target on each of the factors and keep them in the crosshairs throughout the process, executing each one with military-like precision.

Target Clients. CAPASSCO typically advises companies seeking capital from institutional investors, individual or angel investors. The firm provides advice to companies that require at least $5 million in a Series B or later financing, have a substantially complete product or service, have a fully developed business plan, have a complete management team, and have 4 to 6 months of cash available. Some exceptions to these criteria are made on a very limited case by case basis.

Marketing the Offering. CAPASSCO will typically assign the appropriate number of assistant brokers, lead brokers and a sales manager to spearhead the comprehensive sales effort. This sales force will be overseen and managed by the senior executive staff of CAPASSCO, including the Managing Partner, Senior Partner and General Counsel.

Spokesperson. CAPASSCO will act as chief spokesperson for the offering throughout the process until closing, including conducting all presentations to a limited number of potential accredited investor groups. In this role, we assign one of our senior executives to the project from engagement to closing.

Closing the Offering. CAPASSCO will coordinate and monitor the closing of each debenture, confirm the funding, and maintain the records of each transaction. In this role, we make sure the accounting is clear, concise and accurate so that everyone in the transaction is pleased with the outcome.

Current Portfolio. The following is a list of extant projects under contract:

We charge a standard percentage of the equity raised to solicit investors. Contact us today to get started!