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CLI logoTraining and research are the capstones of the Cornerstone Leadership Institute (CLI). Whether you are an entrepreneur or executive seeking to improve your personal leadership quotient through our individual coaching program or a manager looking for leadership development of your team, the CLI has the leadership program for you. Non-profits can equally benefit from our training programs. Due to their modular format, these leadership programs can be tailored to meet the needs and budget of each client.

Leadership Training. The CLI offers leadership training for groups as well as on the individual coaching level. The topics include the leadership basics of vision casting, critical thinking, strategy development, team dynamics, work-life balance, and effective communication. Other more focused programs explore leading innovation, developing talent and empowering people, inspiring collaboration, mastering the distinction between management and leadership, and leveraging an improved leadership quotient for better decision making. Local, regional, national, and global economic development are overarching conduits through which such training is distributed.

Leadership Research. The CLI is engaged on the cutting edge of academic research through the extant effort of Ken GĂ«rhart in his pursuit of a PhD is Organizational Leadership at Regent University. While his course work runs the gamut from Strategic Leadership to Organizational Behavior to Team Dynamics and many points in between, his particular research interest is developing an overarching theology of leadership under which a comprehensive taxonomy can be codified. Click here, for more information about this emerging area of leadership research.