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Peloton Financial (Peloton) is uniquely positioned as a key strategic alliance partner of Cornerstone Financial. Peloton's core competency is Sales Force Management, USDA loan processing, Labor Force Management, Service Force Management and developing other services as demand requires.

Peloton Financial was founded by Sam Gerhart in 2010 in order to build an arms length firewall between USDA loan processing and USDA feasibility studies conducted by Cornerstone Financial. Growing up in the shadow of the investment banking world, Sam played as a toddler under the first desk of Cornerstone Financial while his dad birthed the company that eventually became the flagship entity of The Cornerstone Group. Throughout the years he has worked in various capacities in the family group of companies from office clerk to crew chief in the landscaping & tree service business to project manager in the construction company. Starting at the bottom as a teenager has provided Sam with the unique perspective of someone "working in the mail room while sitting in on the board meetings." This comprehensive exposure to the entrepreneurial world has produced an articulate, driven and goal oriented young business mind who thrives on a challenge and never shrinks from an opportunity to perform at the highest level on exacting deadlines.

Over time, Peloton has evolved into a formidable sale force solution for a variety of industries, but with a particular focus on the corporate finance space. As such, Peloton can draw on its vast network of seasoned sales professionals, surging an appropriate sales force to meet a particular assignment. Given this flexibly, agility and laser-like focus on execution, Peloton has positioned itself as the go-to group to provide sales force solutions.